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Iron Embers

4' Polygon Fire Bowl

  • $1,359.00

The 4’ Polygon Bowl is an enormous fire pit made for your large backyard patio and suitable for your larger patio gatherings. Its well-built with ¼” thick steel, making this the last fire pit you’ll need to buy. The dished bowl design allows for good airflow and lets your campfire (or bonfire!) breath and have less smoke. The small drainage holes in the corners of the floor mean your large fire pit won’t fill up with water and is ready to go whenever you want. The unique legs hold the raise bowl up off the ground nearly 8 inches, so the heat will radiate down and out towards your legs all night long! Designed with 32 flat side faces, this unique fire bowl is sure to be a centerpiece on your patio. Getting a prefabricated fire pit like the 4’ Polygon bowl means you can use your patio for a campfire then later move the fire pit and use that premium space for something else!

Accessories for the 4’ Polygon Bowl include a Stainless Spark Screen for an added layer of safety, custom-fit Tarp Cover to help preserve the paint finish and keep the bowl dry and ready to use, a Fire Grate to increase airflow and hold the logs up from the floor, and Steel Table Top to convert your fire pit into a large coffee table. Adding an Attachment Adapter onto the 4’ Polygon allows one of our BBQ Grills to easily be connect for a backyard cookout. The Adapter is a welded-on option that must be added when the fire pit is built to be able to add a grill later on, and the 4’ Polygon is large enough to fit 2 grills at the same time!

The 4’ Polygon Bowl is made of ¼” carbon steel and painted with a high heat enamel. It's welded solid from pieces of steel, no assembly necessary. The paint will start to wear in the first couple of years and surface rust may begin to show. We recommend repainting your fire pit every 2 years with a high heat BBQ paint.

Steel Thickness 1/4" (6.4 mm)

Top Width 44.4" (112 cm)

Pit Depth 12.1" (30.7 cm)

Weight 190 lbs (86 kg)

Fire Volume 8.2 ft³ (0.232 m³)

Please email to inquire before ordering.